September 17, 2019

Nikki Sex – Pornographic film actor bio

Nikki Sex is now 36 years old, but age does not affect her popularity. She was born in a small town at the very beginning of spring – March 1, in a warm and bright small town in California, USA. The porn actress took on a sonorous pseudonym, leaving Kerry Hammontry’s real name for real, not cinematic, life. The actress also performs under the pseudonyms Nikki Sexxx, Nikki Sex. This blue-eyed beauty, before engaging in adult entertainment, worked at a gas station and fast food restaurant in Boston.

When the beauty came to the Brazzers casting, she immediately attracted the attention of agents. And this is not surprising. Nikki behaved in front of the camera absolutely at ease, she said that she was ready to act in any scenes and, in general, really loves sex, and if they still pay for it, then she found a dream job. With the girl at the same time they signed a contract. And so began her truly outstanding career.

Nikki Sex

The first films of a sexy slut were shot in the hardcore genre, and she liked it! She began to be invited to shoot the most famous porn studios in the United States.

She says that this pseudonym is very suitable for her; she never gets tired of having sex, especially in front of the camera. The scenes with her participation are particularly passionate. The girl is universal and bisexual, she acts in all genres of porn, but especially loves hardcore.

Beauty can be recognized by her slim, athletic figure and beautiful blonde curls. The body is decorated with tattoos in the form of a butterfly with a crown, a black heart, a monkey in a hat. Nikki loves piercings – in the left nostril, navel, in the clitoris for a sweet sensation and in the upper lip – also for the pleasure of her partners. But the fans consider breasts to be the coolest in her body – the skillful plastic surgeon made her big, elastic and very alluring, which Nikki Sex is very happy about.

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